E-commerce and merchant services checklist

Which merchant service does your business require? A merchant account for credit card processing of orders via the internet, mail order or phone orders? Click here to review these services. A merchant account to accept credit cards for a home business or small online business? Click here to review these services. The complete ecommerce solution including shopping cart software, merchant account and real-time credit card processing? Click here to review these services.

Ability to accept credit card orders without the need of a merchant account? Click here to review these services. Setup a free online storefront where all credit card orders are processed for you? Click here to review these services. Further assistance on determining your e-commerce and credit card processing needs? Click here to contact us and arrange a free consultation. Stop Losing Sales to Your Competitors - When you have a merchant account, accept credit cards and promote with credit cards, you are inviting customers to trade with you by expanding their payment options. By prominently displaying the logos of the credit cards you accept, you remove your customer's reluctance of using alternative payment methods and prevents them from visiting your competitor who may already accept credit cards.