The loan continue to be the fastest solution for Italian families to rely on when it comes to facing a sudden expense or you do not have the liquidity needed to carry out a project. But which are the best loan of December? Choosing the right one is not at all easy considering the wide choice of solutions offered by the market that also include online financing formulas.

In addition to interest rates, when it comes to choosing a loan, it is also necessary to evaluate all the expected expense items and the assistance and support services offered to customers. Here are the most advantageous financing solutions of the month.

Crediter payday loan

Ultranix personal loan

With an Crediter payday loan you can request up to 30,000 euros to be repaid through a flexible repayment plan, which allows you to change the amount or skip the installment in case of need, without incurring any extra costs. The request can be sent online and, if successful, the applicant can receive the desired amount even within 48 hours directly on the current account.

Astrofinance payday loan

Astrofinance personal loan

Astrofinance offers its customers various financing solutions, able to satisfy the needs of all customers and any type of project. With Astrofinance payday loan you can get up to 60,000 euros, with the certainty of paying a constant repayment installment for the duration of the contract. All the Astrofinance loan offer the possibility of accessing the Jumping or Installment services to which they can turn if necessary.

Among the particularly appreciated Astrofinance financing solutions is the loan with salary or pension transfer, thanks to the benefits provided by the INPS and Mef conventions.



Fiditalia offers its customers three different financing solutions with reimbursement plans. With the MultiPremia loan, a cut in interest rates (up to 4.95%) is guaranteed for customers who make payments on time. The second solution is Fidiamo, the loan that guarantees a customizable repayment plan, because it adapts to the customer’s needs. The third solution is called Unika, the loan with debt consolidation that allows to extinguish the loans already in progress by paying only one installment.

Creditstair Credit

Creditstair Credit

Those who want to experiment with a different financing solution can apply for a Creditstair Credit loan. The request will be sent through an online platform and, if the evaluation is successful, the sum will be paid by the investors participating in the project. With Creditstair you can request up to 40,000 at subsidized rates and access a flexible repayment plan that is suitable for the needs of the applicant.